Perfectly Balanced Nutrition For Your Dog

At Ramsay Originals, we are passionate about doing the best by our dogs. We focus on the key elements of meat content, nutritional value and digestive health to bring you the finest quality ingredients in delicious flavours that we know your dog will love.

Our Range

Grain Free Dog Food

Grain Free Dog Food

All of our grain free recipes contain no less than 40% of poultry, meat or fish, providing a good source of essential protein alongside nutritious vegetables to provide a healthy balanced diet.

Gluten Free Dog Food

Gluten Free Dog Food

Our 100% wheat-gluten free dog food range is packed with protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and is made with high-quality natural ingredients that are easy for your dog to digest.



Natures Best Ingredients

At Ramsay Originals we mix together natures finest ingredients, over twenty years of knowledge and the latest technology to serve up tasty, nutritious meals for your pet.

Grain Free Dog Food

Nutrient Rich Formulas

Our grain free dog food offers a nutrient rich blend, with a single protein source, and vegetables for a balanced and health boosting diet.

Digestive Wellbeing

Being free from grains, our food promotes easy digestion, utilising alternatives like sweet potatoes and peas for a stomach friendly meal.

Healthy Coat Support

With essential fatty acids from sources such as linseed and fish oil, our grain free options nurture a shiny coat and skin wellness.

Gluten Free Dog Food

Allergen Friendly Recipies

Free from gluten, our dog food minimises allergy risks, incorporating wholesome alternatives such as brown rice for a nutritious and satisfying meal.

Premium Protein Sources

Featuring high-quality proteins like lean meats and fish, our gluten free dog food supports muscle development and overall health, ensuring a well rounded diet.

Sensitive Stomach Relief

Carefully formulated, our gluten free recipies provide relief to dogs with sensitivities, fostering a healthy digestive system and improved wellbeing.


Why Choose Ramsay Originals?

Made In The United Kingdom

Every single one of our products is proudly made in the United Kingdom with ingredients that have been responsibly sourced to produce a range of dog foods that are packed full of goodness.

All Natural Ingredients

At Ramsay Originals, we only use high quality, natural ingredients that are fresh and locally sourced, where possible. Our recipes contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Just the finest ingredients.

Designed For Health

Our grain free and gluten free ranges are designed for dogs with sensitivities and intolerances. Being hypoallergenic it is also free from common allergens which can cause irritation to your dog's stomach, skin and coat.

Great Value Nutrition

Did you know a bag of premium dog food often lasts longer than a bag of cheaper food of the same weight? High protein dog foods such as our grain free range are more nutrient and calorie-dense than lower protein foods meaning feeding portions will be smaller.